FERS Benefits Training Classes For Agencies

Do your employees have questions about their federal benefits?

FERS Benefits Training Classes For Agencies

The need for information and benefits support for federal employees is still growing. Does your agency want to offer your employees information and training regarding their benefits? We provide full FERS benefits classes for agencies looking to provide their employees the resources they need to understand and plan their benefits. Our courses cover essential federal benefits topics, including:

  • Everything you need to know about FERS benefits and FERS pension
  • TSP: investment options, ways to allocate, limits, and what to know before you withdraw
  • Health, dental, vision and planning it all with Medicare
  • Group Life and Group Long-term Care
  • Buying back military time
  • Managing sick and annual leave
  • Survivor benefits
  • COLA in retirement
  • FERS Supplement
  • Social Security

FERS Class Options

Our teaching style adapts to how your agency learns best. Below are a few ways we can plan a FERS class for your agency.

Live, in-person training:

If your agency is back in the office and you’d like to provide training in a live session, this is, in our opinion, the optimum setting. Employees are more likely to ask their questions and often benefit from the questions of others that they don’t think to ask. Participants have direct access to the instructor if they want to ask a personal question.

Virtual training:

We've mastered the ways of the webinar. With our live virtual trainings, we break up our traditional 7-hour class into two 3.5 hour sessions split across two days to keep this virtual training fresh and engaging. We can plan for two mornings in a row or a morning on day one and afternoon the following day. Hourly breaks are included.

If your agency has employees in various locations, this option may work best for you. Class materials are emailed directly to participants.

Hybrid - In-person/virtual training:

If state or local mandates limit the size of groups, employees who wish to attend in person can enroll in the live session which is offered simultaneously to employees who wish to attend remotely. Those attending virtually benefit from the live interaction while also getting their specific questions answered. If you have employees who learn best in person, it’s a great way to satisfy the needs of many employees and offer training in more than one location.

Schedule a Class:

Which of these options will be right for you? Our availability fills up quickly, so we encourage you to reach out soon. Fill out the form on the right to schedule a quick phone call with a Federal Benefits Made Simple class coordinator.


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Your Benefits Trainer:

Ann Vanderslice, president and founder of Federal Benefits Made Simple, has helped federal employees understand their benefits, explore options to potentially optimize the value of their benefits, plan for retirement and organize income planning and IRA distributions since 2002.

With experience in federal retirement planning, Ann customizes planning and solutions to your specific needs. As part of the planning process, she works with you on an ongoing basis to track your progress and to help ensure that your retirement income strategy is meeting your needs.

Ann also is available to speak to groups of federal employees. She offers a variety of interactive presentations to help federal workers maximize their earnings in the federal benefit system.